Hello! We’re hear to help you get your own loops started, no matter where you are from. 

What you need to start:

  • A few volunteers or staff willing to put the signs up and plan out routes.
  • Someone who knows how to use Adobe Indesign or a similar program really helps.
  • Someone who can do a little mapping on a computer. 


Animal Symbols

Language Translation Spreadsheet. 

How to Print Signage

School Loops were setup to be printed on chloroplast (like election signs or real estate signs) so they could be put out quickly and cheaply. A typical  route will cost you about $90 to print, plus the cost of zip ties. 

How to attach

We suggest reusable zip ties, which you can get online here. 

How to map out your school loop(s)!

We used QGIS to do the first city (Winnipeg, Canada). QGIS is free open source software anyone can download and use. It takes some set up time and skill though. But you can also do a pretty good job with plain old Google MyMaps

Any loop connecting a bunch of schools works, really. 

Some tips…

Check out the school loops that are on the map already to see the variety of what you can do. 

Connect the dots!
A school loop tries to connect a group of (usually 2 – 12) schools that are naturally clumped together. Try not to leave out a school that might be tough to connect with. 

Try to avoid stressful roads and crossings if you can. Try your best.

Another way to look at these is “neighbourhood loops”.

Depending on what your neighbourhood looks like, it can be easy, or you may need to look for roundabout ways.

School Loops are meant to be visited repeatedly and improved though, so don’t worry if you aren’t in Amsterdam! Try to link shortcuts that and good ways that could use some recognition. School looks aftern take shortcuts that only bicycles that can take, or lead people to crossings of big roads that are easier than others. 

2. Choosing an animal/colour combo!
This folder is filled with vector (.eps) and raster (.png) symbols representing animals. We like to pick animals that look like the route (like a constellation) but it doesn’t really matter. The colour (color for American friends) is up to you. 

3. Including translations. 

3. Getting a loop into the app. 

Send us an email for info on how to get loops added to the ma